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Biodiesel FUD

For the less-geeky, FUD means Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt, and this Houston Chronicle article is loaded with it:
"But automakers say they are suspicious of industry claims that biodiesel is significantly cleaner than petroleum diesel and can protect engines with its improved lubricating properties..."

"Most do not recommend the use of biodiesel in their light-truck diesel engines, although Ford Motor Co. says fuels containing no more than 5 percent biodiesel can be used in its diesel-powered vehicles. Most biodiesel fuel is blended with petroleum diesel."

"Volkswagen, the only automaker that sells diesel passenger cars in the United States, does not recommend biodiesel for use in its vehicles."
What's this nonsense about VW? Volkswagen TDIs are probably the most popular vehicle to run on biodiesel, because they're so darn efficient- 45+ mpg!