News and information about Biodiesel & alternative fuels.


Philippines: BioActiv

Bioactiv appears to be a biodiesel-related fuel additive sold in the Philippines, interestingly promoted as a 1-5% blending agent:
  • First time Engine System Clean-up (20% blend or 4:1 ratio): A higher blend ratio will quickly dissolve gum and carbon deposits in the combustion chamber and in declogging fuel injection nozzles. A 20% blend will act like a liquid overhaul.
  • Quarterly Engine Maintenance (5% blend or 20:1 ratio): Quarterly treatment of the engine with a 5% blend to declog and lubricate the fuel system for proper engine care and maintenance.
  • Regular Operational Use (1%-2% Blend or 100:1/50:1 ratio): A 1%-2% blend in diesel fuel will minimize smoke emission, generate more mileage, and reduce maintenance cost.


Ohio Biodiesel

Looks like there's finally some consumer/commercially-available biodiesel for sale in Ohio (my home state)!
"The proximity to Interstate 71 at exit 151 just east of Mount Gilead Ohio makes it an ideal stop for many who find the other renewable fuel filling stations inconvenient. I personally appreciated the pay at the pump credit card option as it makes the stop quick … besides, it is just a few yards west of the interstate exit — truly a no-hassle ‘pit stop.’ If you have a flex-fuel vehicle, or drive a diesel, be sure to support Ohio farmers growing clean fuel made in America."

Gaiam Biodiesel Processors

This weekend I've been getting caught up on some biodieselblog-related emails, and came across one mentioning Gaiam's Biofuel section:


Business 2.0 on biodiesel

Saw an article in a recent issue of Business 2.0 about soy-based biodiesel in Argentina, here's a snippet:

"The first significant player in this market just emerged: Imperium Renewables, a Seattle startup, will soon begin building a biodiesel refinery in Argentina that CEO Martin Tobias says will produce 100 million gallons of fuel per year. That, for comparison's sake, is more than the entire U.S. output in 2005."

"While the VC-backed plant will cost about $50 million to build and takes 50 people to operate, clean-tech experts consider the Argentine biodiesel market wide open to smaller players. In fact, newer off-the-shelf technology that's currently being commercialized will lower plant construction costs to about $3 million, a far more digestible sum for angel investors."


There *is* a diesel/electric hybrid

Just saw a Tech Talk at work about diesels and plugin-hybrids by UC Davis' Reed Benet. One factoid I learned is that there is, apparently, a diesel/electric hybrid in the works after all:
I'd rather buy a VW TDI/hybrid though...


SeQuential Biofuel Station, Eugene, Oregon

David Metz kindly sent a link to his blog post (including photos!) about the SeQuential Biofuel Station in Eugene, Oregon.

TreeHugger has more info: E10, E85, B5, B20 and B100 blends at the pump, plus:
"The fuel station also includes a convenience store that carries top-shelf natural foods and beverages, many of which are produced by regional companies. The store also houses an annex of Sweet Life Patisserie, an established local coffee and pastry shop renowned for its premium coffees, baked goods and savories, complete with wireless internet and an inviting seating area. Local farmers will stock a seasonal fresh produce stand also located at the station."


NYTimes: Biofuels Comes of Age

Great New York Times piece on biofuels, I loved seeing this part:

About 76 commercial biodiesel plants are in production today, up from 22 in 2004. The average business operates one plant that yields 30 million gallons a year of fuel and costs up to $20 million to build. Some companies are planning refineries capable of brewing up to 100 million gallons a year.

Nationwide production of the fuel tripled last year over 2004 to 75 million gallons. The board estimates that production will double this year, but Mr. Jobe estimates that the number could reach as much as, if not more, than 250 million gallons by year’s end.