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Iowa Biodiesel Plant Coming

The High Plains Journal reports that Cargill is building a:
"37.5-million-gallons-per-year biodiesel plant and a 30-million-pounds-per-year glycerin refinery in Iowa Falls, adjacent to its existing soybean crush facility..."

"Initially, the plant will produce biodiesel and USP-grade glycerin exclusively from soybean oil, but Cargill officials expect to have the capability for using animal fat or waste grease for biodiesel production in the future. The biodiesel plant has been designed to meet the requirements for BQ-9000 certification, the leading, accepted industry standard."


A BiodieselBlog reader writes:
"If one believes in the future of biodiesel and wanted to invest in companies either growing the raw material(s) or engineering the technologies for its commercial use, where would be a place, if any, to find a list of them?"
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