News and information about Biodiesel & alternative fuels.


Santa Cruz - Biodiesel at the Pump

Residents of Santa Cruz looking for an alternative vehicle fuel now have a local source. A USA gas station is the first in the city to offer biodiesel to its customers.

The station is selling the fuel for $3.15 a gallon.

I just filled up there yesterday for $3.21/gallon, will post a photo soon. This is such excellent news!


New Biodiesel Rebate Program

Press release from CaseStack about their new Biodiesel Rebate program:
"The Green Rebate Program, which begins July 1 and ends September 1, 2006, offers a rebate of 10 cents per gallon, up to $50.00 for the truck drivers... Companies can also participate by taking part in the Green Consolidation Program where they can contribute seamlessly to the environment without making drastic changes to their operations. CaseStack will identify all participating companies as Green Partners and include them in all recognition marketing such as national and regional targeted advertising campaigns, PR announcements and viral marketing. The Green Consolidation Program is the first of many goodwill programs CaseStack plans on implementing over the years."

San Francisco Biodiesel Progress

Check out the meeting notes from a recent SF Department of the Environment meeting about biodiesel - they're hoping to eventually get a few biodiesel filling stations going in the City!


Pretty Graphs (and lots more)

TreeHugger links to a massive report on biofuels from the Worldwatch Institute, check it out.


Reality Check?

Just came across on a mailing list, sigh - lots of FUD there.



Ev just linked to a new Green blog, which had two diesel-related tidbits on its front page when I skimmed it yesterday:
Honda to sell Diesels in US: "By 2009, Honda plans on selling diesels in the U.S. along with it’s hybrids as part of it’s core environmental strategy. The first diesel will most likely be the CR-V sport utility vehicle."

Chrysler to offer Diesel SUV next year: "Look for a diesel version of the Jeep Grand Cherokee early next year at a Chrysler dealer near you. The new Jeep will be powered by a turbo diesel engine supplied by Mercedes-Benz. The 3.0-liter diesel engine will be up to 30% more fuel efficient then the current gasoline models (that equates to about 5 mpg better)."