News and information about Biodiesel & alternative fuels.


Cold Weather Tips

A member of the SF Biofuel Co-op recently posted this to our mailing list, I'm re-printing it with his permission:
"The fuel we are currently using should not gel until it reaches about 15 degrees, plug filters at 20 and it should start clouding around 35 to 40. Cloudy fuel should pass normally through filters & into the injectors. That being said, I have a sample here that is not cloudy yet. You should notice a slightly rougher start if you get the engine when cold. Diesels are certainly cranky when cold. Just be sure to let it idle briefly (1-2 min) before reving it and getting on the freeway. This will make sure there is a chance for the oil to thin and get pumped around the valves. If the cold starting is significantly harder than normal, then splash some diesel in it. Diesel has the same properties as biodiesel just about twenty degrees colder. Also don't forget the glow plugs, perhaps even run them twice and happy driving."


Diesel/Hybrid Buses in London

TreeHugger has the lowdown:
"Only time will tell if London commuters will share my enthusiasm as Transport for London unleashes 6 diesel/electric hybrid busses as an experiment in clean people-moving. The 6 Wrightbus Electrocity series busses will run the loop between Elephant/Castle and Royal Albert Hall."


MSNBC: BioWillie

California gets a whiff of BioWillie - Celebrity News - "BioWillie went on sale Wednesday at an alternative fuel station in San Diego where the 72-year-old singer filled his tour bus from a pump emblazoned with a picture of himself strumming a guitar."