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San Francisco's Biodiesel Plans

The SF Bay Guardian has some more info on San Francisco's biodiesel plans:
"Muni and the San Francisco Fire Department plan to test biodiesel in their vehicles sometime next year. Depending on the supply that's made available, the Fire Department hopes to use 1,000 gallons of 20 percent biodiesel for six months, then up its consumption to 12,000 gallons a month. Muni, with about 600 diesel buses, could use much more fuel, though it hasn't offered any estimates yet. Muni typically consumes about seven million gallons of diesel fuel per year."

Biodiesel Car Rentals in Hawaii

The Sep/Oct issue of Via Magazine mentions that visitors to Maui can rent biodiesel-powered VW Beetles, Golfs, and Jeep Liberties for $199/week. From the FAQ:
"The idea for a biodiesel rental car has been a long-time dream of Shaun Stenshol, owner of Maui Recycling. He and partner Pamela Miedtke-Wolf, are constantly looking for ways to make Maui self sustaining, and their lives as close to zero waste as possible. Maui Recycling Service, plus, Shaun and Pam currently use 100% Biodiesel (B100) in all their vehicles. Making Bio-Beetle a reality was just another way to show what we can do, right now, to help protect the planet."


Slashdot reports on a potential biodiesel production breakthrough.


Palm Oil's Environmental Toll

FUD from The Guardian: The most destructive crop on earth is no solution to the energy crisis

Veg My Ride will soon be selling a DVD-based video guide for converting diesel engines to SVO; the site has a Quicktime preview.

SF Biodiesel Blog

Eric Bowen of the San Francisco Biofuels Co-op is now blogging: