News and information about Biodiesel & alternative fuels.


Coconut Oil

WorldChanging reports on coconut oil-powered rental cars in Vanuatu:
"Unlike with many biofuels, coconut oil doens't need to be transesterized - mixed with sodium hydroxide and alcohol to change its chemical composition - to run in a diesel engine. Filtered and warmed to temperatures about 25C, coconut oil is a better than satisfactory substitute for "mineral diesel" - it burns more slowly, which produces more even pressure on engine pistons, reducing engine wear, and lubricates the engine more effectively."
[Via BoingBoing]


AltWheels Festival

The AltWheels Festival is next weekend, in Brookline, Mass.
"No matter what your interest or age, AltWheels has something for you.
Exhibits will include working electric, solar, flex-fuel, and hybrid vehicles, as well
as the latest in human-powered transportation. There will be a special section of
ArtCars — motorized flights of fancy designed to delight. Come build and race a
model solar car or watch a fuel conversion workshop and see a car drive in
on gasoline and drive out on an alternative fuel."

Gas prices

Gas prices


(from Kottke's Flickr photos)

I'm currently paying $3/gallon for biodiesel at the Pacifica co-op, here in the SF Bay Area.


Biodiesel pump at The Grange in Issaquah, WA

Biodiesel pump at The Grange in Issaquah, WA

Rob let me know that Propel just opened up another Biodiesel pump in a Seattle suburb. Nice work, folks!