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Biodiesel Blog Aggregation

I just came across a nice aggregation of all the various biodiesel-related weblogs out there:


Eucalyptus oil?

A reader from Hawaii writes:
"After the demise of the commercial sugar industry here in Hawaii, we were challenged with creating a "New Agriculture for our island. As a part of that effort large plantings of eucalyptus now occupy some of the lands once used for sugar. Soon those trees will be harvested. So the question is ; Can the oils found in the fall-down/ by-product (branches and leaves) of these trees be used in the production of bio fuels?"
Anybody have any info about eucalyptus oil? Leave a comment.


National Biodiesel Conference updates

First, an article from Wired News: Backroom Tussling Over Biodiesel
"The farmers, soybean growers from Midwestern states, are enlisting the help of environmentalists and celebrities, to give them the hip, eco-friendly image they need to reach young adults and baby boomers. The relationship between soybean growers and environmentalists is proving a rocky one, however..."

"One worry backyarders and environmentalists have is that a biodiesel market dominated by soybean growers will promote the use of Monsanto's Roundup Ready soybean seeds, which have been genetically altered to resist the company's herbicide, Roundup."
There are some good quotes in there from SaraHope of the Berkeley Biofuel Oasis and Lyle from Piedmont Biofuels.

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Next, an update from Martin Tobias, who runs the Living on Biodiesel blog:
"There are actual customers at the show. Farmers, entrepreneurs, distributors, retailers, large fuel consumers, and more. Actual customers of biodiesel. Companies that want to expand their investment in the business. This is a good sign. Many trade shows I have been to end up being alot of vendors talking to each other wondering where the real customers are. This is not the case here."


Reader Request: Rubber Fittings?

Here's another request for info, from a reader via email:
"I work for an oil company and we are thinking of producing biodiesel to blend into petrodiesel. I am worried by the issue of rubber damage but I cannot see anywhere whether this is only an issue with BD100 or if is happens at low blend concentrations. Would you or your readers know anything about this?"
From what I've heard/read, this is only a problem with natural-rubber fittings, and doesn't affect synthetic fittings. Definitely correct me if I'm wrong, though!

Please leave a comment if you've got any feedback — thanks!

Willie Nelson!

Wired News, Willie Nelson Bets on Biodiesel
"Nelson told The Associated Press in an interview last week that he began learning about the product a few years ago after his wife purchased a biodiesel-burning car in Hawaii, where the star has a home."

"'I got on the computer and punched in biodiesel and found out this could be the future,' said Nelson, who now uses the fuel for his cars and tour buses."

"Peter Bell, a Texas biodiesel supplier, struck up a friendship with Nelson after filling up one of the tour buses, and the business partnership came together just before Christmas..."

"'What Willie brings to this is the ability to communicate directly with a truck driver. That kind of community is hard for people to get to,' Bell said. 'When he starts talking, these folks really listen to him.... It's like having Tiger Woods talk about golf clubs.'"

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