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Philippines: BioActiv

Bioactiv appears to be a biodiesel-related fuel additive sold in the Philippines, interestingly promoted as a 1-5% blending agent:
  • First time Engine System Clean-up (20% blend or 4:1 ratio): A higher blend ratio will quickly dissolve gum and carbon deposits in the combustion chamber and in declogging fuel injection nozzles. A 20% blend will act like a liquid overhaul.
  • Quarterly Engine Maintenance (5% blend or 20:1 ratio): Quarterly treatment of the engine with a 5% blend to declog and lubricate the fuel system for proper engine care and maintenance.
  • Regular Operational Use (1%-2% Blend or 100:1/50:1 ratio): A 1%-2% blend in diesel fuel will minimize smoke emission, generate more mileage, and reduce maintenance cost.