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Biodiesel in Florida

Mike Weitzel of HUGR Systems recently emailed me regarding their operation in Apopka, Florida — sounds like things are going extremely well for them. First, two Congress-folk visited their facility for a tour:
According to J.P. Patten, owner of HUGR Systems, a lunch was held for Keller and Baker's visit, and when the food was done cooking, the oil it was cooked in was used later to fire up the company's lawn mowers ..."
Then last month they received a Clean Air Award from MetroPlan Orlando:
"'HUGR was selected for their use of biodiesel technology to decrease emissions, increase efficiency and help maintain clean air in Central Florida,' said Mayor Land."

"Biodiesel is a renewable fuel made from waste vegetable oil (french fry grease) that is environmentally friendly and non-flammable. HUGR Systems hopes to one day build up to utilizing biodiesel technology in vehicles. For now, HUGR is using biodiesel technology in lawnmowers, pressure cleaning systems and carpet cleaning systems. They have also created the company vehicle to run on biodiesel and a sample generator that could run inside a home without causing carbon monoxide poisoning."