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NYTimes on SVO

The New York Times just posted an article about Brent Baker, a guy who drives an old school bus powered by SVO (straight veggie oil).

"Mr. Baker's interest in grease began in 1995, when he was traveling the country with an acting troupe and discovered that "the lion's share of the money we were raising went straight to Shell." The acting troupe was of the sort that staged environmentally conscious, anti-corporate political sketches. It seemed to contradict its mission to spend its money in support of Big Oil."

"As the story goes, they came across two women somewhere east of San Francisco who were cooking up a blend of grease and diesel with some cheesecloth and a Bunsen burner on the side of the road. "They said, 'Yeah, we're making biodiesel," he recalled. Mr. Baker was immediately hooked."

A Google search on Brent & biodiesel turns up a Salon article about him from March, 2003.