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News from India

Two bits about potential Biodiesel use in India, first from
"India is actively involved in implementing a national program for the phasing in of BioDiesel-blended fuel oils, primarily with respect to government-run rail and other transportation systems. India currently imports more than 70% of its crude petroleum diesel needs, which are refined in-country. RCAI estimates the value of its portion of India's BioDiesel needs, based on the work with the Ministry of Railroads alone, at approximately US$4 million annually, based upon a B5 (5% BioDiesel) blend, which could grow to over $10 million as the country moves toward a B10 (10% BioDiesel) blend in the future."
Next, news from Sify that the Tatas are considering a biodiesel project:
"The Tatas are mulling over a biodiesel project and the Lucknow-based premier National Botanical Research Institute (NBRI) is providing consultancy services to the group."

"Addressing a news conference here yesterday, NBRI director Dr P Pushpangadan said Tatas have evinced interest in the processing of biodiesel from Jatropha plant for commercial production and consumption..."

"He said Jatropha plant could be cultivated on waste lands and with minimum water requirement gave handsome returns to farmers."

(a Tata tourist bus on the Agra-Jaipur road, a photo of mine from India)