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Biofuel seminar in Ohio

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Ohio Biofuel Seminar -- January 18, 2005

From Farm to Factory to Fuel Tank:
Stimulating Availability and Use of Biofuels for Motor Vehicles in Ohio

Policy Seminars for Ohio Legislators, Staff and Interested Parties

January 18, 2005
Vern Riffe Tower, 77 South High Street, 31st Floor, Columbus

**How many jobs and other economic benefits for Ohio could result from production of biofuels? Hear about research done at The Ohio State University.

**What is the practicality of using more and higher blends of biodiesel by fleets and individuals? Hear about great examples being set today by fleets in Ohio.

**Ohio uses a large amount of E10, 10% ethanol blended with gasoline, but what is the potential for vehicles that can use much higher blends such as E85? Learn about the increasing number of flex fuel vehicles (FFVs), capable of using E85, owned by governments, private fleets and individuals in Ohio?

**In 2004, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency declared several Ohio counties in non-attainment with two different federal air quality standards. Learn about the potential for biofuels to help improve air quality.

**In October 2004, President Bush signed the FSC/ETI Jobs Act, which included strong tax benefits for ethanol and biodiesel. Learn the facts about the landmark law and its potential impact on price and terminal availability of biodiesel and E85.

#61523; Other states have enacted policies to help increase availability of biodiesel and E85 to fleet and individual consumers. Learn about model policies passed in other states and legislation being developed by Ohio state legislators, and how new policies could help put biofuels in Ohio motorists' tanks.

Repeating Seminars beginning at 8:30 am and 1:00 pm
Light refreshments will be available


1. Welcome – TBA

2. Overview – Sam Spofforth, Executive Director, Central Ohio Clean Fuels Coalition

3. Economic and Job Creation Potential from Biofuels Production – Dr. Thomas Sporleder, Ohio State University College of Food, Agriculture and Environmental Science (Invited)

4. Status of New Biodiesel and Ethanol Plants in Ohio; Wholesale and Retail Availability of Biodiesel and E85 – John Lumpe, Ohio Soybean Council and Dwayne Siekman, Ohio Corn Growers Association

5. Federal Tax Credits for Biodiesel and E85; Models of Effective State-Level Policy and Recommendations for Ohio – Scott Hughes, National Biodiesel Board

6. Draft State Legislation on Biofuels Use – Rep. Steve Reinhard (R-Bucyrus)

7. Conclusion

Please RSVP by Friday, January 14 by contacting Sam Spofforth, Executive Director, Central Ohio Clean Fuels Coalition, at (614) 292-5435 or Remember to indicate your choice of the morning or afternoon session.

Sponsored by Central Ohio Clean Fuels Coalition, Ohio Soybean Council, Ohio Corn Growers Association, and Others

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