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Tennessee approves Biodiesel plant

Via The Tullahoma News,
"If Richard Onderka proceeds with his plan to begin production of biodiesel fuel in July at his proposed processing plant - Tennessee Bio Energy, Inc. - it will mark the first production facility in the state and only the second active site in the Southeast."

"Onderka and his brother and partner, Franz, have set a production goal of 900,000 gallons of pure, environmentally-friendly biodiesel (B100) per year by the end of the plant's third year of operation,

"In its first stages, Onderka said, Tennessee Bio Energy will process 100 tons of soybeans a day and will run 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Most of the beans will be obtained from a feed mill located less than a mile from the plant, Onderka said."

"The soybean residue, or meal, will be marketed to poultry and cattle farmers in the area, who will blend it with grain for their livestock. Then, a separate process will be utilized to refine the virgin soybean oil into biodiesel."