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Delivered Straight To Your Tank!

Via The Bellingham Herald in Washington,
"Justin Clements will come to homes or workplaces by appointment to fuel up your car with 100 percent biodiesel. He tanks up two containers totaling 550 gallons with biodiesel from the Seattle-area service station Dr. Dan's Alternative Fuelwerks and carries them in his new Dodge truck."

"He then brings the fuel up to Whatcom County for about a dozen or so customers who call his cell phone and ask to meet him for a fillup."

"Clements said his interest in biodiesel is rooted in the petroleum industry. He grew up in both Alaska and Houston, the centers of the U.S. oil industry, as his parents moved with jobs for major fuel companies. Clements said he remembers the devastation in Prince William Sound in 1989 when the Exxon Valdez coated the area with spilled crude oil."

"Rather than make a huge investment to convert an existing service station to a biodiesel station, Clements decided to offer the mobile servicing of the biodegradable, nontoxic fuel from his truck."
Right on, Justin!