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Potential for Biodiesel Use in India

Atanu Dey thinks biodiesel would be ideal to aid in India's economic growth:
"If India can grow the biomass suitable for biodiesel in marginal agricultural lands, it would be wonderful. Of course, India also needs clean-burning modern diesel engines as well. This can be one of those technologies that create a partnership between the agricultural and manufacturing sectors: the former grows the stuff and provides the latter the induced demand for its output."
And the Indian Express reports:
"D.K. Tuli, head of the research wing of Indian Oil Company, had read about biodiesel being used in 22 countries but had not given it much thought. After all, the chances of convincing his company heads about a diesel alternative were slim."

"He noticed hundreds of Karanjia trees in the 70-acre campus of the R&D division building. He collected a few kilos of seed to extract oil and blended it with diesel to make biodiesel and found that it worked beautifully without making modifications in the engine."
[via Ramdhan Yadav]