News and information about Biodiesel & alternative fuels.


Indiana & Purdue University

The Indianapolis Star has some good factoids about biodiesel use in Indiana:
"The latest on the soy biodiesel bandwagon is Purdue University, which announced Tuesday that it is now using the alternative, cleaner-burning fuel in more than 80 Purdue buses, fire trucks, dump trucks and other motor vehicles..."

"Purdue joins more than 20 other Hoosier schools and municipalities in switching its fuel source to biodiesel, a blend of petroleum diesel and fuel refined from soybean oil..."

"Indiana is home to about 25 biodiesel public pumps and a dozen retailers sell biodiesel through tank-wagon and transport delivery, said Mike Yoder, an Elkhart County soybean farmer who is a director on the Indiana Soybean Board."
WLFI/Lafayette has a related article, and the Lafayette Journal and Courier has much more extensive coverage.