News and information about Biodiesel & alternative fuels.


Thanks Matt!

My first exposure to the notion of biodiesel fuel was this post on Matt Haughey's blog, back in December, 2002:
"This week, when it came time to finally replace one of our old cars, I knew what we should consider first: a new VW. While looking around at the models, we found the turbo diesel was available in the Jetta Wagon, and I'm happy to say we're now the proud owners of a 2003 model."


"It can run on biodiesel (actually runs cleaner and easier on the engine), which doesn't contain any fossil fuels at all. That's right, it's fuel you can home brew, without having to extract it from wells deep in the earth."
This intrigued me intensely, and soon after moving to California last year I began inquiring about the SF Bay Area's biodiesel presence. It seems there are several pumps around- San Francisco, Millbrae, Fremont. I'd already purchased a non-diesel VW recently, so diesel sorta dropped off my radar for a while.

Fast-forward six or so months- unleaded gas was costing ~ $2.20/gallon out here, while diesel was going for around $1.70. I started researching it again, and this link compilation was the result. Though I haven't yet purchased a diesel vehicle, a Golf TDI will likely be my next car. I created this blog to track news and information about biodiesel as it appears on the web.