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Biodiesel in Montana

This morning's article is from the Missoula Independent of Western Montana:
"Cenex and Missoula-based biodiesel refiner Sustainable Systems are hoping B20 will prove a next step toward cleaner air, a richer local economy and profits... 'First we tell [potential customers] that it’s a little more expensive than a petroleum-based product, but that it’s a better engine lubricant,' says Miller. 'The second thing we tell them is that this is an agricultural-based, domestically produced product, so your dollar that’s spent on this product stays in the United States and is recycled. The third thing is the positive environmental impact.'"

"'When people ask me, 'Why is biodiesel so expensive?' I ask them, 'Why is petroleum so cheap?' he says. 'Then I explain that when people are buying cheap petroleum, they are buying a product that's not good for the environment, it's not sustainable and the true cost is higher than people think, because you're paying for petroleum with your taxes to support the military and with your taxes to support the petroleum industry subsidies.'"

"The Cenex on Brooks will be the first B20 pump in Montana; if the business takes off, Cenex will expand beyond Missoula. Biodiesel has been regularly available in the Midwest for several years. Last week, a retail Biodiesel pump opened outside Denver, and the U.S. Navy has announced plans to recycle its used cooking oil into biodiesel to run its diesel vehicles."