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Biodiesel in Tennessee

The Daily Times of Maryville, Tennessee is talking about biodiesel:
"Tennessee is known for horses, whiskey, music and rifles. What about Tennessee diesel fuel, crafted from homegrown soybeans? That's exactly what East Tennessee Clean Fuels Coalition director Jonathan Overly has in mind, and he describes it as a way to both reduce the nation's dependence on imported petroleum and improve the air quality of the Tennessee Valley."

"On a regional level, Knoxville Area Transit and the cities of Sevierville and Chattanooga are among those who have expressed interest in weaning their fleets off traditional diesel... Of course, it will cost about 22 cents to 27 cents more a gallon, but savings in fuel economy and federal tax incentives could serve to even the difference, B-20 proponents said. Unquantifiable improvements in area air quality could also result."

Emissions: "The non-toxic, biodegradable B-20 can cut emissions of hydrocarbons by 20 percent; carbon monoxide by 12 percent, particulate matter by 12 percent, sulfur oxides by 20 percent and cancer-causing compounds by 20 percent."

Protein byproduct: "The B-20 manufacturing process -- the soy oil must have its glycerin removed to operate effectively in an engine -- yields a large amount of protein byproduct, which can be mixed with corn to provide a cheap, nutritious food source for export."