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So long, LC Biofuels

So sad to see LC Biofuels shutting down, here's the note Lance sent out earlier today:
Greetings LC Biofuels Members,

After four years of serving our community with biodiesel we have decided it is time to close shop. Cambell and I have enjoyed meeting many of you and have had the pleasure of providing everyone with a cleaner alternative fuel. Due to the economic times and slow fuel sales we are unable to continue running our retail business as we have been.

Though the LC Station is closed, we'll keep you updated with any new sustainable ventures that may arise...

Thanks again for your commitment to LC Biofuels and we wish you all a successful and sustainable future.

Lance and Cambell
I regularly filled up at their South Lake Tahoe location each winter.

Thank for all your hard work guys, you'll be missed!


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