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Biodiesel Smarter

I picked up a copy of Biodiesel Smarter the last time I filled up at Autopia, and I highly recommend checking it out. Great stories and anecdotes, detailed tips and advice, and solid writing.


  1. Hi Eric,

    I'm the editor of biodieselSMARTER, glad you liked it! I think you got a sample mini-issue at Autopia: was it 16 pages, and free? The real thing is much juicier (48+pages), and a subscription is just $14.95 for the year. Sign up at and enjoy!

    Frankie Abralind
    Editor, biodieselSMARTER

  2. Thanks Frankie! Yep, it was a sampler—I'll definitely go and subscribe to the real thing.

    Keep up the great work!