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More on San Francisco biodiesel

Eric Smith recaps the latest SF Bay Area/biofuel news in this great BeyondChron article:
  • almost all of SF's diesel fleet will be running b20 by end-of-2007
  • SF may be the largest city in the USA to be re-using waste grease in a sustainable way
  • SF Petroleum has b100 available for city vehicles as well as residents
  • Rainbow Grocery has after-hours biodiesel filling


  1. Hmm, not surprised SF will be leading the way in re-using waste grease in a sustainable way. I wonder if it will catch on, seems like a good idea. Check out this blog too:

  2. It's not as good as being from waste veggie oil, but the Utah Transit Authority also uses a blend of biodiesel and have been for some time now. They are using B10 currently in all of their buses.

  3. It is about time city and municipal gov't started to show the way. I wonder if the taxpayers will get a break here or is this another pork barrel feel good to sucker voters?

  4. Hey all -- I work at Keene State College where we've started planning an even more ambitious program: collect used grease locally, process it locally into B-100, and then use that locally in city and college vehicles. We just won a P3 award from the EPA for the program.

    There's more, including some video of project participants talking about it

    Oh, and BTW, that's not a typo -- during the summer months our fleet is using B-100, not B-20.

    If you have any questions about the project, contact me at

  5. Actually I just read the previous post and I see that SF, like us, is also looking at building their own processing plant. So strike "More ambitious" and add "as ambitious" to my previous comment.

  6. Continental will be the first American airline to hop on the biofuels bandwagon. “Exploring sustainable biofuels is a logical and exciting new step in our environmental commitment," said Continental executive Mark Moran in a statement. For Boeing, the Continental test flight will be its third experiment with aviation biofuels. Air New Zealand has already announced plans for a test flight later on this year, while the Continental flight is scheduled for the first half of 2009.