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Free San Francisco Grease Recycling

Great news from San Francisco earlier this week, in the Chronicle:
  • SFGreasecycle announced, a free program where the city will pick up used cooking oil from restaurants/hotels/etc., to be converted to biodiesel for the city's 1500-diesel vehicle fleet
  • is partially in response to illegal grease/sewer dumping, which costs the city ~$3.5M to clean each year
  • is part of the city's mandate that all its diesel vehicles use B20 by end of 2007; this'll reduce CO2 emissions by 15% and diesel soot by 20%
  • SFGreasecycle is the first stage; later they'll look into building their own production plant
  • Program website:


  1. I like this idea. Taking what was a problem and finding an economical and environmentally sound solution. Is the City processing their own biodiesel or simply selling the grease and then buying back the biodiesel?

    They should look at a medium scale processor such as the one that is offered by

  2. I think the article said that for the time being another company is doing the processing, but they'll eventually look into rolling their own.