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India Biodiesel Update

Via an email from my Dad, here's an MIT Tech Review article about India and Biodiesel:
"Biodiesel could be an important renewable substitute for fossil fuels. And, in certain parts of the world, governments and some corporations consider the jatropha plant, common in hot climates, one of the most promising sources of biodiesel. The plant can grow in wastelands, and it yields more than four times as much fuel per hectare as soybean, and more than ten times that of corn. But the commercial-scale cultivation of jatropha, which has not previously been grown as a crop, raises several significant challenges."


So far, the project has signed up 5,000 farmers representing 1,000 hectares of land. The goal is to have 8,000 hectares under cultivation by March 2008, and Adholeya says that the success of the first crops has drawn interest from many more farmers. By the end of 2008, TERI plans to have a production facility producing biodiesel from jatropha. Eventually, it aims to produce 90 million liters of biodiesel annually."


  1. Its amazing how our country prides itself on being so advanced, and in a lot of cases more able to accomplish things then countries like india, but when it comes to many important issues, we are way behind on actually enacting the plans we create/ideas we have.

  2. Biodiesel is no doubt a lot more clean than fossil fuels. However, I'm not convinced that it is a total solution because of the energy/land, etc. that it takes to produce.

  3. Check this out.

  4. check out
    Last night I watch this show they air called "Big Ideas for a small planet." Ummm...put it this way, I'm already search for a Jetta Diesel. Their doc scared the shit out me.

  5. Informative site.
    Great initiative, could be a good thing for India too. Similar scenario in Costa Rica.
    Solar Biofuel

  6. Hi,

    Growing Jatropha is Cool if you can do it you should! You can fly planes on CJO - Crude Jatropha Oil and yes it is a weed!

    You can use this process to turn Jatropha Oil into Bio Diesel