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Texas FUD

This is unfortunate, but at least they're extending the study to learn more about the issue:
"The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality says that blending 20 percent (B20) or more of biodiesel with diesel fuel could increase the amount of nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions above levels permitted by the state, as per a law passed in 2005."

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  1. Eric - I have seen a couple of your blogs on Nox and I have to say of course Texeas is against bioiesel, just look at what they drill for in Texas. The Nox issue is quite misleading. CARB will admit that the study they base their policies on is outdated and was indeed flawed. The test was not conducted by CARB, was done with an engine without an exhaust system and the engine was not tuned properly. The latest studies show that: One: in cradle to grave studies petroleum diesel produces far more Nox than biodiesel. Two: when an engine is properly tuned and has an up to date and working exhaust system the Nox emmisions are minimal. When you dig a little you will find that many of the governmental polices are based on myths and bad data.
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