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New Bay Area Station: San Mateo's Autopia

Via a post on the SF Biofuels Yahoo Group, comes news of a new Bay Area biodiesel filling station in San Mateo, Autopia Biofuels. Info:
Some coverage from the San Mateo County Times:
"The simple, airy warehouse on South Railroad Avenue welcomes visitors with bright yellow floor and ample parking just off the Caltrain tracks, next to a row of car-related businesses. Autopia will eventually offer concessions for sale, mostly organic goodies from local vendors."

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  1. John Lewis Mealer is the founding President of The Mealer Companies presenting the MAMC fossil and bio-fuel free auto.
    This is a non EV and surprisingly does not use LP or NG gases to maove it along. Full sized power for the way we need to move!

    TMC has also designed and will refine a new non plant based
    BIO-FUEL called Blatt-Soda. Stay tuned for more!