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Biodiesel Benz

Paul Vachier wrote in a few days ago about two of his biofuel projects. First is a great writeup of his experiences with a Golf TDI & biodiesel (this is what I drive). Here's a snippet:
"In terms of driving and overall satisfaction, this is my favorite car to date. It handles great and has extremely comfortable seats and I absolutely love the gas mileage. It is German engineered through-and-through which means it is designed for the driving experience despite its frugal nature and can move along very quickly thanks to the turbo charger."
The second is an article on converting an old Mercedes Benz to run on Straight Veggie Oil:
"Lyle bought a two fuel tank conversion kit for $500 and found a local mechanic familiar with conversions who installed it for $1,000. The car's original tank was kept and holds regular diesel (or B20, B100) fuel for cold weather starting. A second tank was installed in the trunk for vegetable oil. Hoses are run from the car's radiator to the tank to heat the oil via a heat exchanger before it enters the final fuel filter and injectors inside the engine compartment."
Great stuff!