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Thinking of Going Biodiesel

A BiodieselBlog reader writes,
Biodiesel is pretty widely available in my area. Currently the price difference with conventional fuel is trivial, but even if demand shoots up and goes to $3 per gallon I could live the difference between that and conventional fuel."

I am not a mechanic. And don't want a lot of fuss so:

1) Do I buy of the cars that is rated especially for biodiesel?

2) Do I buy any decent mainstream diesel (Volkswagon or Ford mostly it looks like) and just run it on biodiesel instead of conventional fuel.

3) If I go route 1 (buying a car with some sort of modifications for biodiesel) if I'm out in the desert and conventional diesel is the only fuel around can I put that in instead without damaging my car. In other words can I use biodiesel normally, and regular diesel once in a blue moon if I happen to be somewhere biodiesel is not available.
I'm biased, but I'd definitely encourage the reader to go biodiesel if it's widely available in his/her area — buy whatever VW TDI would work best lifestyle-wise, given how efficient they are. Biodiesel and regular diesel blend just fine.

If you have any other advice, feel free to post it in the comments.